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-The Moderator Speaks- [Dec. 16th, 2003|07:57 pm]
SilverSkirt - Alterna-pr0n at it's best
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Greetings Y'all...This is your lovely naked Mod, Miss Tryst. Yah, it has taken me forever to get this community going but better late than never right?

Anyway, come, join, enjoy, chat...Curl up with your fave skirt and get to know eachother. Silverskirt is a new kid in the alt-porn scene, but already has some of the best features, models, and hotties behind the scenes.

The site has personal journals, photo albums and great interaction with the skirts. Here you will find teasers for new sets, messages from skirts, and random photos from the girls and other members.

So get comfy, take a peek and enjoy =)

-Miss Tryst